WE Committee Meeting Recap
Tuesday, December 17, 2019 1:30 PM

Last Thursday, Dec 12, Armatage was honored to welcome all three At-Large members of the Minneapolis Board of Education: Kimberly Caprini, Kim Ellison, and Josh Pauly.  They came at the invitation of Armatage's Welcoming Equity Committee to discuss how to best advocate for students of color during the Comprehensive District Design (CDD) process.  We had a diverse group of over 40 parents show up, including both white parents and parents of color, and parents who live in different parts of the city.  A big thank you to Abdullahi Aden for translating! We’re continuing to watch the CDD process closely with an eye on how we can best advocate for families of color. Notes from the conversation can be found here.
The WE Committee strongly encourages Armatage families to attend the MPS Listening sessions - especially sessions outside our neighborhoods - to hear from families across Minneapolis about their concerns. 
Armatage Welcoming Equity Committee Invites you to our next committee meeting. We will recap from our December 12th meeting with school board Directors Caprini, Pauly, and Ellison and look forward to the next steps for the committee. 

Thursday, December 19th 

Armatage Community Center
All are welcome!