Track and Field Thank Yous


A huge thank you to all those who helped with this year's Track and Field Day last Thursday. It takes a lot of help before, during and after to make this event happen and be successful, and we appreciate everyone who pitched in to help:

Lisa Adams, Shari Anderson, Kari Augdahl, Debra Baltgalvis, Tish Basford, Craig Bell, Lisa Benson, Dylan Bijnagte, Mya Bitney, Steve Broshar, Brenna Campbell, Dennis Cass, Michelle Corbin, Noel Creader, Kristin Dennewill, Carla Dukart, Lisa Elm, Tommy Elm, Nichola Elo, Brit Evgrav, Sarah Feerhausen, Holly Fingerlin, Marilyn Gawronski, Tom Grabowski, Jeremy Greenhouse, Amy Gudmestad, Chuck Gustner, Melissa Hansing, Charlette Hawkins, Jay Hemingway, Jamie Henricksen, Brian Hissong, Ann Hotz, Geoff Jansen, Lisa Kelly, Roger Krafe, Beth Larkin, Greg Lee, Michelle Loomans, Mark Loth, Kristi Main, Mary Maloney, Patrick McHugh, Mary McKelvey, Mary McRae, Lori Miller-Shiell, Kristen Milner, Lacey Muse, Karin Olson, Patty Pivec, Sarah Poindexter, Chris Quinn, Abby Rakun, Brenda Ritten, Chris Romans, Lindsay Sandin, Alex Sosa, Dana Sosa, Randy Tatum Eric Thoerner, Heather Thoerner, Brian Vanderah, Martha Wahlstrom, Anita Webster, Jo Wells & Justine White.

Also, a gigantic thanks to all those parents, grandparents and friends who were able to come out to help at the last minute because their work or life schedules allowed them to. We also had a few volunteers come in and had parents come out to take photographs of our students performing at the various events, and although don’t know everyone’s name, we want to make sure you all knew your help was most appreciated and needed.

A special thank you to all the teachers and staff who work with the students all year around, and help make the Olympic Parade extra special with fun and creative shirts, flags and accessories.

Another thank you to the Armatage Community Park staff who let us use their facility and equipment, as well as lending a helping hand when needed.

Lastly, without the generous donation of coffee bags from the Giffords, we wouldn’t have such wonderful sacks to “hop” in during the sack race this year. Please show your appreciation by visiting one of their three, Dunn Brothers’ shops located at East Lake Street and West River Parkway, or at TCF Tower Skyway in Downtown Minneapolis, or at University Avenue near the Stone Arch Bridge.

It truly takes a community to help with this event and the students look forward to it every year, and so do we. So thanks again for your generosity of time and commitment, and we hope to see you all next year!

Enjoy your summer everyone, and keep on running, jumping, spitting your watermelon seeds and kicking off your shoes!

Renae Kirby, Tammy Anderson, & Michelle Tatum