Track and Field Day Thanks


Dear Track & Field Day Volunteers,

A STUPENDOUS thank you to all of you who helped with this year's Track and Field Day and parade last Thursday. It takes a lot of help before, during and afterwards to make this event happen and be successful, and we appreciate everyone who pitched in to help:

Our parent volunteers who took time out of their work schedule to come out not only to cheer on our students, but also to volunteer at the various events explaining the rules, lining up the students, keeping the students focused, setting up the field, and/or cleaning up the field. There wasn’t a task needed to be done that was too small or too big which you didn’t mind doing; John Alderman, Paul Almen, Kari Augdahl, Shelly Bell, Ella Carlsson, Noel Creager, Althea Danielski, Grant Duwe, Patrick Engrav, Brian Gallagher, Nicole Gallagher, Paula Goldade, Amy Gudmestad, Sahra Guled, Deana Haug, Melissa Hansing, Peter Hennigan, Erin Hester, Brad Hiranaga, Emily Hiranaga, Brian Hissong, Lesa Hudak, Erick Jacobson-Dunlop, Anne Josephson, Jamie Kell, Lisa Kelly, Laurie Kocanda, Melissa Krutchen, John Kundtz, Lori LaBarre, Natasha LaRusso, Greg Lee, Jane Liepitz, Tom Lewis, Scott Ludtke, Kirsten MacNeill, Sarah Mahmud, Zoe Marin, Shannon Marshall, Janelle Masterson, Patrick McHugh, Nicole Middlecamp, Matt Milner, Jason Muscala, Doug Olson, Karly Olson, Ali Pankratz, Susie Orr, Brenda Raney, Kelly Rikansrud, David Rodriguez, Aaron Sands, Jeanne Schuller, Cindy Stauffer, Nicole Stecker, Chris Strom, Tina Thousand, Steve Unowsky, Ann Warner, Susie Weir, Jeremy Wikre and Karen Winger.

We hope we didn’t miss anyone, especially those of you who walked-in and wanted to help wherever needed. We might have missed your name listed on our volunteer sheets or couldn’t find your email addresses, but we wanted to make sure you all knew your help was most appreciated and most needed!!

Our PTA with their generous promotional, volunteer and financial support.

Our watermelon slicer Sarah Mahmud and Mary Meidl for making room in the cafeteria refrigerator to keep the watermelon cold for the students.

Our Armatage Park and Recreation Center staff who lent their assistance with tables and chairs, let us use their freezer, refrigerator, cart and water containers, as well as lending a helping hand whenever needed.

Our teaching specialists who not only volunteered for the entire day, but also chaperoned lunches, took the lead for all our events as well as encouraging all students to do their best in each event; Abdullah Aden, Barb Alfrey, Lisa Benson, Steve Bonine, Lynette Clarke, Sarah Feerhusen, Geoff Jansen, Colleen Jansen, Kenny Jones, Amy Kennedy, Elizabeth Koch, Ingrid Nelson-Krafve, Mary MacCrea, Janet Parker, Patty Pivec, Julie Railsback, Sarah Thompson, Heidi Van Amburg, Martha Wahlstrom, Anita Webster, Justine White, Mary White and Andrea Winkler.

Our teachers who made the day even more fun by making funky shirts for their students to wear, classroom banners to hold during the parade, created cheers walking into the skate park, and who helped keep the participants moving through each event; Kelly Alexander, Jean Avecilla, Margo Borth, Jane Campbell, Denise Clare, Sue Gonyea, Kristen Hanson, Daniel Holder, Juliet Holder, Christian Houdek, Stacy Katzovitz, Susie King, Michele Lehmbecker, Heather Lingen, Michelle Loomans, Jessie Mahabadi, Heidi Olson, Staci Owens, Mandy Perna, Connie Rubenstein, Kristina Sexe, Ralph Sievert and Tina Swift.

Our Principal, Mrs. Franks, who is the true champion of Armatage Montessori School, and Pam Durand who gave us her unyielding support, made overhead announcements to get the classes onto the field and patiently gathered all our required volunteer forms!

Our students who have worked all year long during gym class to become a more active person, and all the 5th graders volunteers who worked with our Kindergarteners and Pre-Kindergartners.

Our musical virtuoso, Ms. Anita Webster, for her preparation beforehand to make the parade an extra special treat.

Our Engineers Keith, Thomas and Dan who never think a request is ever too “far-out-there” to do for this event.

Special thanks goes to Mrs. Kirby who returned to Armatage to cheer on the students and lend her support, and to Mr. Douglas Colton who brought music, speakers and a fantastic sound system to the event.

It truly takes a community to help with this event and the students look forward to it every year, and so do we. We thank you again from our hearts for your generosity of time and commitment, and we hope to see you all next year!

Enjoy your summer and keep on running, jumping, spitting your watermelon seeds and kicking off your shoes!

Mr. Mike Leach, Sarah Poindexter, Crystal Weatherly and Michelle Tatum