Tips for using Flipgrid
Monday, May 11, 2020 3:40 PM

Tips for using Flipgrid

The idea of Flipgrid is for students to be able to share their voice and see other students from Armatage.  All videos are monitored for appropriate interactions. It has been a bit tricky when students access it but for those that have, it seems like they enjoy it.  Here is the link:

You may want to include the following or any of the above in order to promote the sharing:

  • If using a phone, the app has to be downloaded and used
  • The internet browser “Safari” doesn’t work, another browser has to be used
    • Chrome, Microsoft Edge are recommended by Flipgrid
    • Close all other tabs
  • Sign into Google account right after link access-it should tell you what to do

Contact Marjorie Nadler <> with questions.