Thank You Carnival team


Thank you to the entire Carnival Team: Steve Ulrich (chair), Shevvi Crowley, SuAnn DeGeorgeo, and Mark Umholtz (food), Drew Riley and Mike Blumenfeld (prizes), Doreen Bortel, Jim Anderson and Heidi Keefe (games), Ralph Sievert (Teacher's Pet), Jeanne Schuller and Kristine Spanier (used book sale), Jamie Henriksen (pre-sales tickets), Paula Pappajohn (signage), Kai Gudmestad and Paul Berman (treasurers), Kathy Tuzinski (communications and treasurer), Cindy Bergstrom and Shari Anderson (volunteers), Paul Robinson (cotton candy), Lori Riley (canival night runner).  Also, a special thanks goes out to City Church for cleaning up. And to the Richfield Pirhanas swim club for volunteering all night.