Webpage Content Survey

Hello Teachers and Staff!

In an effort to ensure that the Armatage website is as useful as possible to current and prospective parents, Principal Franks has asked the communications team to help update teacher and staff pages. 

We believe that it is important for all teachers and staff members to have at least some basic information on their pages.  To accomplish this, we have developed this survey form, to collect information likely to be interesting to parents browsing the Armatage site.  

Please take a few moments to provide us with the information requested below. If you have any questions, please contact Joan directory, or email ArmatageCommunications@gmail.com.

Thank you!
Kristen Milner 

Teacher Name 
Room Number 
Years as a Teacher 
Year Started at Armatage 
Provide info about your degree/s and certifications?
Education / Degrees 
What grades have you taught in the past and/or what non-teaching experience do you bring to the classroom?
What is your philosophy of teaching? How do you incorporate Montessori in your class?
Teaching Philosophy 
Summarize one unit or project that you really enjoy teaching
Spotlight Unit 
Anything about your family, pets, or hobbies to include?
Family / Hobbies 
What Armatage extracurricular event is your favorite?
Favorite Event at Armatage 
Anything else you want to include on the website?
Additional Info? 

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