Specialist Classes

Each student’s day includes one 55-minute class with a specialist in art, music, physical education, media, or science. Band is an elective pull-out program for fourth and fifth grade students. 

Highlights of each specialist area include:

An art standards-based curriculum for K-5 taught in a fun and creative atmosphere. The elements and principles of design, art history, cultures, and many techniques are taught through a variety of mediums. Highlights include all-school spring art  exhibit, end of year portfolios for all students, and a parent volunteer Art Adventure program.  For more infomation about the art program at Armatage, consult Elizabeth Neuman's page. 

Singing; note reading; movement; musical vocabulary; rhythm instruments;  flutophone or recorder for 4th & 5th graders; line and folk dancing; monthly performance opportunities; All-School Spring Music Program. For more info about music, consult Anita Webster's page.

Our full-time science specialist leads all students in science curriculum appropriate to their grade level. The annual science fair -optional for PreK through 3rd grade and required for 4th and 5th grade students - allows many to showcase their learning.  For more about science, see Anna Keyport's Page. 

A resource that serves 655 patrons; includes 13,000+ titles; a full computer lab and access to hundreds of databases through the Electronic Library of Minnesota.  The Library offers the only "Open Library" Program in MPS.  This "Open Library" program encourage all students to check out titles whenever they have a need or want.  Our circulation numbers place us at #2 in the district just below one school that has a larger enrollment than Armatage.  We circulated 22,139 copies last year.  Please help us increase our circulation so all students have access to read a new titles as soon as they complete the last title checked out.  Encourage our students to come everyday. Check out the Media Center website. 

Physical Education
Non–competitive atmosphere; lifetime sports/games; fitness and health emphasis; two gymnasiums; Fitness Fever; Track & Field Day; Rope Power Competition.  Check out the P.E. teachers, Mr. Mike Leach's and Mr. Daniel Polland's website.

4th and 5th graders may participate in band. Instruments may be rented from the school for a nominal fee for the entire school year. Students participate in a weekly small group instrument lesson as well as a full band group lesson. A performance is held in the school’s Little Theater in May. For more about band, see Mary Becker's page.