Specialist Update: Ms Anna - Science News
Sunday, January 26, 2020 9:15 PM

We have been very busy so far, starting 2020 off with lots of learning! Here's what's happening for each grade in Science:

We tried making our own volcanoes out of snow, baking soda, and vinegar, and we have been having fun with robots. We will be learning about coding with some robots called BeeBots, and doing more hands-on learning.
Our classes finished our work on animals, and we are now learning about coding! We are beginning by learning about what makes a robot, and how code works. We will be continuing our investigations using robots called BeeBots.
Grades 1/2:
We have been continuing our unit of study on solids and liquids. In this physical science unit, we are identifying properties of solids and liquids, and observing them in small-group investigations. Next month, we will start our unit on air and weather.
Grade 3:
We are working on a unit called structures of life. We are classifying plants and animals by characteristics and behaviors that are essential for survival, growth, or reproduction. We have started by observing seeds. Be on the lookout for investigations into bones, crayfish, and even owl pellets soon!
Classes have also been completing an "Hour of Code" activity in the computer lab, in which students are introduced to block-based coding by trying it out for an hour.
Grades 4/5:
We have just finished our unit on microworlds -- what we can see in a microscope. Students have investigated common items, identified mystery specimens, and observed onion cells. We will be studying landforms next in an earth science unit. Students will learn about the processes that form the features of the Earth’s surface through various investigations.


Anna Keyport
Science Teacher
Armatage Montessori School