Specialist Update from Mr. Leach and Polland
Saturday, December 7, 2019 8:00 PM

Hello everyone, hope all is well with each of you and everyone had a great Thanksgiving Holiday. The New Year is fast approaching but we still have time to squeeze in a few exciting units before Winter break.
Next week we plan on having the kids work with "Stilts". The K-2 students will work with styrofoam stilts that are much easier to maneuver. Grades 3-5 use wood stilts that have 3 platforms for the students to try to walk on. The higher level platform the more difficult it is to perform the task of walking. We also make up a simple obstacle course to make things exciting for those who are doing exceptionally well on the stilts.
The weeks before break we will be using the "climbing ropes", They will be using the ropes to perform various strength  and cooperative activities. The first day on the ropes the students perform several strength activities that require various muscles be used. The day ends with the kids trying to climb the rope. We also spend a day working on "swinging" and cooperative activities. This is great fun, students work as a groups to accomplish various tasks. "All in the hoop", and "bowling pin pick up" are a few swinging favorites.
 Things to come after break include: Basketball (3-5), On the ball skills (K-2), and Jump Roping for all grade levels. This is the latest on what is going on in the gym and what to expect for the months of December and January.
Enjoy the Holiday season and have a nice time with family and friends!!!
Michael Leach and Daniel Polland (P.E. Specialists)