Social Emotional Learning Themes

Armatage Social Emotional Learning Themes for 2019-20

Based on the text, Onward by Elena Aguilar

As a school, we are going to be embedding social emotional learning practices into our focus on equity as a school improvement goal for the coming year.  We are going to be focusing on inclusion, valuing others perspectives and working towards an anti-bias framework as a school and a staff.


Our Student of the Month themes will continue to align with our SEL, social emotional learning and equity themes for the coming school year:


August/September: Positivity

Being positive and empowering yourself and others to succeed.


October: Caring

Caring for yourself and others.


November: Belief

Believing in yourself


December: Empowerment

Trying new things


January: Perspective

Accepting another person’s point of view


February: Curiosity & Wonder

Demonstrating curiosity and wonder in learning and in life.


March: Bravery

Showing bravery, innovation and problem solving.


April: Persistence

Persisting in the face of challenges. 


May/June: Pride

Showing pride and confidence in your accomplishments and believing that you can succeed!




Armatage SEL Themes for 2019-2020

Armatage SEL October 2019 - Caring

Armatage SEL December 2019 - Empowerment