Shevvi Crowley


Spotlight Volunteer: Shevvi Crowley

Here are Shevvi's responses to some questions about her experience volunteering at Armatage.

1) How long have you been a parent at Armatage and who are your child(ren)?
I have one daughter Sophia, who is a 5th grader this year so we've been at Armatage for 6 years.

2) What volunteer roles have you been involved with at Armatage and how did you chose those roles?
I've been the carnival food chair for the last five years, was part of the year book team for two years, was on the PTA board for two years (President 2011-2012) and have worked behind the scenes or taken a shift or two at every event except for Kids on Broadway. Some of my favorite volunteer activities are judging the Science Fair projects, hosting a room at Family Reading Night and being a photographer for the candid yearbook photos. I also volunteered in Sophia's classroom for three years.

3) Why do you volunteer at the school and what have you gained from volunteering?
The PTA events are a complement to the wonderful environment that Joan and the staff create for our children. At Armatage there are many great traditions that foster a close connection with the neighborhood and the school community and it was important to me that we kept those going.

Volunteering gave me a real appreciation for the Armatage community. All parents seem invested in improving the experience for all of the children in our school and supporting the staff.

Thank you Shevvi for all you've done at Armatage!