Shari Anderson


Spotlight Volunteer: Shari Anderson

This is Shari's ninth and final year as a parent at Armatage. She has a son, Jake, who is an 8th grader at Anthony, and another son Peter, who is a 5th grader in Ralph's room. In addition to raising two sons, Shari is also a dentist and is a partner in a practice.

Here are her responses to some questions about her experience volunteering at Armatage.

1) What volunteer roles have you been involved with at Armatage over the years?

I have chaired: info night, co-chaired the dance, coordinated room parents, served as a room parent, coordinated and lead tours, served as co-volunteer coordinator for the PTA with Jamie Henriksen, volunteer coordinator for the carnival, fun walk, and the first Maude event. I have also had a blast volunteering and supporting many other events at Armatage. It seems like an event is just more fun when you are on the inside.

2) How did you choose the volunteer roles that you did?

I don't think I actually chose any of my volunteer roles. They chose me and things evolved over the years. When I was a kindergarten parent, another kindergarten parent was the carnival chair that year (her 3rd daughter was in my son's class). She called me up and said the carnival volunteer coordinator was a 5th grade parent that year and she thought I and another parent from the class would be great to take over. I had not been to the carnival, had no idea what I was getting into, but knew I wanted to find a place of usefulness at Armatage, so why not here! I sad yes. I shadowed that year and this will be Cindy Bergstrom's and my 8th year as volunteer coordinators for the carnival. The carnival is probably the most fun of all the events I've worked. I found I liked coordinating volunteers, and the more I did it, the easier it was, so as there were needs for other events, I jumped in.

3) Why do you volunteer at the school and what have you gained from volunteering?

I volunteer as a thank you back to our A+ Awesome Armatage. We have incredible teachers, programming, students, parents, and events. I want to support the teachers, and I can do that through being a room parent. I can support both teachers and programming by helping to make sure fund raising events are successful. We also have a wonderful community, but a community needs nurturing, and events help. Having said all that, I have gained so much more from volunteering than I have given. I have been given the gift of a window into "school life." I have had the opportunity to get to know staff. I have made new friends and strengthened friendships. I have made my own memories of Armatage that I will take with me and cherish when I leave.

Thank you Shari for all you've done at Armatage!