Share Your Pictures

The Communications Team welcomes parent submissions of photos to use in school publications and on the website. All submitted photos will be screened for appropriateness of content, and will also be validated to confirm that pictured students have media release documentation on file with the district. By submitting pictures to Armatage, the submitter agrees to allow Armatage to use the picture in school publications (including the yearbook) and on the website.  Photographs will not be shared with any outside group or used for non-Armatage purposes. Questions should be directed to:

To Share a Small Number of Images (total size < 10MB):

Parents may wish to simply email the photos as attachments to  Please include any information about the photo that you have (e.g. date taken, names and room numbers of children if you know them) as it will expedite the media release process, and will help us catagorize it for use.

To Share Large Groups of Images (total size > 10MB):

If you have more than 10 MB of photos to submit, there are two choices to upload pictures.

For those inclined towards digital file sharing, we use Dropbox.  Email and we will set up a Dropbox for you to transfer your pictures. Dropbox is a file sharing service (free to you) that is very easy to set up and use. Once the photos have been transfered, we will delete them from the Dropbox (to preserve disk space), so please keep your own copies!

For those who lean more toward a traditional method of sharing, we can provide a thumb drive for parents to borrow. Or you can submit your own thumb drive, which we will return to you once the transfer is made.  To make arrangements for this sort of transfer, please email  

Thank you for helping us work towards the goal that Armatage publications will represent all Armatage families!