Sarah Poindexter


Volunteer: Sarah Poindexter - mother to Ethan (grade 3), Cate (grade 1), and Matt

Sarah's Volunteer Roles: Family Fun Walk, Teacher Conference Lunch, Staff Appreciation Lunch, Wendy's Night Chair and Volunteer, Book Fair, Student of the Month, Spiritwear, Track and Field Day, Pits and Alley, Class Field Trips and Classroom Volunteer. On a side note, she said that volunteering at Track and Field Day was a "BLAST".

Sarah works full time out of her house so she's chosen volunteer opportunities that can work with her schedule. She's found balance by doing some volunteer jobs during the day and some in the evenings. There have been several opportunities for her to be involved in planning an event and this is where she feels she can really make a difference.

When asked why she volunteers, this was Sarah's response "I think that what makes Armatage a great school is that when volunteering, I am creating a connection with all the other parents of the children that my kids play with and find out just how small the world is! My personal feeling is that if I don't volunteer, I can't complain about event outcomes, and I have missed an opportunity to branch out and meet new people!". Additionally, Sarah feels she is setting a good example for her kids by showing them that their school experience is a priority in her life.

Thank you for volunteering Sarah!