Research Links


WHO authored this site? Are they experts? WHAT is the purpose of the site? Aim to use educational sites.
WHERE does the information come from? How do you know it's true? WHEN was the site last updated? Is it likely to still be accurate?
WHY should I choose this source? Is it the best for my purpose?  ... give your sources credit, using proper formatting.

Encyclopedia Britannica is a comprehensive, up-to-date, online encyclopedia with versions for elementary, middle and high school students. Access is unrestricted from inside the MPS network. From home, students can access the site but must first request a password. ELM (Electronic Library for Minnesota) includes magazine, journal, newspaper, and encyclopedia articles, eBooks, and other information resources. Mr. Donn is actually Lin and Don Donn, published authors and educators who have collected great info for student research. This site is particularly useful for Armatage students doing research on ancient civilizations. 


* If you find other general information resources that you think would be good to link here, contact Kristen Milner, Technology Specialist and let her know what you've found.