Physical Education News from Mr. Leach and Mr. Polland
Tuesday, September 18, 2018 7:20 AM


Hello Everyone,


Hope all of you enjoyed the Summer. It is so nice to have extra time and spend it with family and friends. However, as Summer comes to a close it is always exciting to come back to Armatage and see all the wonderful students and familiar faces.


Obviously it is early in the school year and the first day the students have to here us talk much more than normal. We spend a lot of time going over rules and expectations. We also teach them a variety of low organized games/activities that are designed to enhance listening and cooperative skills.


This past week we just started getting in to our "core" units for various age levels. Grades 3-5 are starting an introductory Volleyball unit. K-2 students are working on "ball skills" which include: striking, throwing, and catching. 


The kids seem to be enjoying themselves. We always tell students that we want an atmosphere that is safe so we can have fun!!! Being respectful and having a great attitude ls a strength with many of our students here at Armatage.


**Note: We have had some issues with students not having tennis shoes on days they come to gym. If you could please check the days they come to the gym and make sure they have appropriate shoes it would be helpful!!


Thanks so much and have a great day,


Mike Leach and Daniel Polland (P.E. Specialists)