Fundraising for Foster - Online Auction is OPEN!
Monday, March 9, 2020 8:10 PM

Online Auction Opens Today! 

Today is the big day: the Fundraising for Foster auction is now open for business so start your bidding!  This online auction is the last (and biggest) piece of our critical direct-to-school fundraiser and can only be a success with your help. 

Here’s how to get started:

  •  Browse the auction and check out all the amazing items at
  • No account is required to browse!
  • Please note this website does not function correctly on Internet Explorer. Please use Safari, Chrome or Edge to access.


  •  Take a couple of minutes to set-up your account so you can bid
  • Check your junk mail if there’s any delay receiving your set-up email. Account set-up emails have taken up to an hour to arrive. 
  • This process will only take a few minutes but does require a credit or debit card that will only be used to pay for any of your winning items or donations.
  •  We are using a new, secure platform this year to process all credit card transactions to increase efficiency and get you your prizes faster than ever!   


  • Keep tabs on your favorite items - bid early and often - the auction closes at 8pm next Tuesday (3/17) 


Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store:

  • Classroom rewards: donate to help your student’s class earn an amazing day 
  • Special outings with our amazing teachers
  • Event tickets, including Timberwolves, Minnesota Orchestra, Bell Museum, Wild Mountain and more!  
  • Gift cards to your favorite restaurants including Hot Indian Food, Pizzeria Lola, Broders and more! 
  • Fun family activities including a Pokemon party, zoo tickets, Flyover America and more! 
  • Amazing baskets including A Day in Linden Hills, Mall of America play and Dining Out in the Neighborhood! 
  • Spectacular local art and small business services including an elite style box, custom bag toss set, ceramic fish and massages, and more!   
  • And much, much, much more!!! 

Questions? Contact LesLee Bickford, Shelley Finn or Sarah Staab at