Noel Creager


Volunteer: Noel Creager, father of Anna Thousand in 2nd grade with Danielle Hanson/Alyssa Kuhlman

Volunteer Roles: Lunchroom Volunteer, School Tour Guide, Science Fair Co-Chair and Classroom Volunteer

Noel is a stay at home dad who has volunteered in several different roles at Armatage.

Lunchroom Volunteer: Noel helps out in the lunchroom once a week. He chose this job because it fits his schedule well. He helps kids open open food containers, sort their lunch waste into appropriate recyclable containers and wipes down tables in between lunch shifts.

School Tour Guide: Noel started leading school tours last fall to prospective families considering Armatage as their school choice. He's a big fan of the school and felt his education background could offer a helpful perspective to those considering the school.

Science Fair Co-chair: As a former 8th Grade Earth Science teacher, this role was a given for Noel! He helped coordinate the fair, offered assistance to students participating in the fair and helped judge the projects.

Thanks for volunteering Noel!