Michelle Hemingway


Spotlight Volunteer: Michelle Hemingway

How long have you been a parent at Armatage?
   I have been a parent at Armatage for four years. Our daughter Maddie is now in third grade with Kristen Hanson.

What volunteer roles have you been involved in at Armatage and how did you get involved?
   On a weekly basis, I am in the kindergarten Room 101 with Ms. Michele. In her class I work with the students twice a week learning their alphabet letters, the sounds of the letters, and naming the number 0 to 100. These one-minute, timed quizzes and the students are very accommodating. After class is dismissed, I'II sharpen pencils, wipe down the class’ tables and desks, and help Ms. Michele with whatever projects she needs an extra set of hands to complete.
   On another day, I am in Room 110 with Ms. Denise. I review spelling words, mathematic problems, reading, or other 1/2 grade assignments with the students. Then near the holidays, I am lucky enough to lend a hand to students as they create gingerbread houses!
   I’ll volunteer in other classrooms when needed (or asked) and at other events throughout the year, but my favorite event is Track and Field Day, which I co-chair with Tammy Anderson!
   I got involved by asking my daughter's teachers, "What can I do to help you?" I sign up for whatever volunteer list through the PTA I have the time to do and what needs to be filled.

Why do you volunteer and what have you gained from volunteering at Armatage?
   I feel honored to be "highlighted," but really I don’t do anything that other parents don’t volunteer to do. I am truly lucky to work with extraordinary students, dedicated teachers and fabulous parents! Armatage Rules!