Mary McKinley


How long have you been a parent at Armatage?
We started at Armatage in 2010 after moving to Minneapolis from New York. We have two boys at Armatage: Evan (second grade, Jean Avecilla) and Alex (kindergarten, Heather Lingen)

What volunteer roles have you been involved in at Armatage and how did you get involved?
I've been a room parent, field trip chaperone, and classroom volunteer, and have helped out on the Family Fun Walk, and try to do what I can for Information Night and Teacher Appreciation lunches, and I work in the lunchroom a couple of times a month. I was also involved, along with a group of very committed Armatage parents, in an effort last year to secure the future of the pre-K program at Armatage. Both of our children experienced that important pre-K year with Ms. Connie, and we think it is an incredible asset to the Armatage community. I can't remember how I got involved. I just started signing up for things—we were new, and it was a great way to help out and meet people. Everyone was so warm and welcoming.

Why do you volunteer and what have you gained from volunteering at Armatage?
I enjoy being a part of the school, seeing my kids "in action," and contributing to such a fantastic learning environment and such a vibrant and diverse community. I've learned a lot about how the school works and how valuable the volunteer hours are to the school. I'm fortunate to have the time to give back, so I do. The teachers and staff are very appreciative, and I like giving my time to them too!