Mackenzie Doheny


Spotlight Volunteer: Mackenzie Doheny

How long have you been a parent at Armatage?
My oldest son, Frankie, was in Miss Connie’s preschool class and is now a second grader in Jean Avecilla’s class. I also have a two-and-a-half-year-old.

What volunteer roles have you been involved in at Armatage and how did you get involved?
I volunteer here and there with Frankie’s class when I can during the day (really only a few times a year), as I work full time. I hate that I can do this so little—I really value the school and the teachers who take care of our kids all day long. So I decided that I needed to take on a task that would benefit the school as much as it could with the time I had to volunteer outside the school-day. That is why I chose to chair the carnival. I committed to being the chair at least until Frankie graduates Armatage because I know how hard it is to get people to volunteer for things. I also have considerable experience planning and putting on events for larger numbers of people so I knew I could handle it.

Why do you volunteer and what have you gained from volunteering at Armatage?
It feels really good to help and know that I am participating in a way that I can in order to help the school. My husband and I found Montessori when Frankie was only one; he has been in Montessori schools since. We see how it has benefited him and I am so proud that the Minneapolis Public School system supports Armatage. I hope that more and more schools will follow in Armatage’s footsteps. If there is anything parents can do to help that process along, we should in whatever role fits us.