Lunchroom Volunteers - Thank You!


Thank you to all our lunchroom volunteers! With your help we kept things moving in the cafeteria, made sure our kids could open their lunch items, kept tables wiped down, and bundled kids for recess. We couldn't manage lunchtime without you!  

Lunchroom volunteers:
Angelica Vanheuveln
Bill Farniok
Brenda Duepner
Chuck Stroebel
Doreen Bortel
Jamie Kell
Jane Hille
Jaz Harrison
Jennifer Fisher Edwards
Keira McMillen
Lisa Elm
Maggie Petit
Margaret O'Brien
Maria Caruso
Nichola Elo
Nikki Kovan
Noel Creager
Shannon Marshall
Susan Wirth
Amy Swenson
Brad Marshall
Doug Sellner
Doug Thomson
Shareen Marshall
Teresa Burns
Terry Isert
Paula Poppajohn
Heather Edwards