Kristine Spanier


Spotlight Volunteer: Kristine Spanier

How long have you been a parent at Armatage?
This is our sixth year at Armatage. My daughter is a fifth-grader in brand-new teacher Daniel Holder’s room. My son is a second-grader in Denise Clare's class.

What volunteer roles have you been involved in at Armatage and how did you get involved?
Because my son was only two when my daughter started at Armatage I took the first volunteer job that interested me at the time and which I could bring him to: shelving books in the Media Center. As he aged and opportunities opened up I volunteered in the classroom whenever it seemed help was needed. However, my time is limited (as well as my energy) so I decided to focus my volunteering in the area that interested me most: promoting reading. My background is in library science so as roles opened with Family Reading Night, the PTA book giveaway, the Book Fair, and the carnival book sale, I raised my hand.

I also just finished my third year volunteering with Kids on Broadway. While it doesn’t directly fit with my focus on promoting reading, this program wouldn’t exist without parents giving many hours of their time to help the amazingly talented directors Staci Owens and Julie Flaskamp bring their vision to the stage. Watching the show is so much more gratifying when I know firsthand all that has gone into it. And working backstage is exciting and fun. My daughter found the experience incredibly enriching and I hope my son will participate when he’s old enough.

Why do you volunteer and what have you gained from volunteering at Armatage?
I volunteer for several reasons. I think it’s important for my children to see that I’m interested in where they spend so much time. I have talents that wouldn’t currently be used if I wasn’t volunteering. But I also find the relationships with educators and other parents so rewarding. This year, as we finished up the Broadway season, I must have met and worked closely with at least 20 people I never would have spent time with otherwise. And who knows which of these 20 will become people I know for the rest of my life.