Kids on Broadway

What a Show!

The 12th annual (2011) "Kids on Broadway" was a huge success! The Little Theatre was filled to capacity for all four shows on Dec 15-16th.  Eighty Armatage third, fourth, and fifth graders performed scenes from nine different Broadway musicals.  

Note from directors Julie Flaskamp and Staci Owens:  
"This amazing show is only possible because of the wonderful volunteers who, since Occtober, have donated thousands of hours!  We cannot thank them enough for all the work they have put in. It has been such a pleasure watching these talented children grwo in their confidence and abilities. Thank you for sharing your fabulous children with us!" - Staci and Julie

Below are cast pictures and slideshows from each of the scenes.
(photos courtesy of Mike Levad, Twin Birch Studios)

Wizard of Oz

Cast: Gracie Brandt-Fontaine, Anna Keefe, Clarlie Clausen, Eric Mayfield, Olivea Walker, Peter Anderson, Jingli Kong, Reeve Coffey, Jillian Sundeen, Ava Demars, Sophia Bercaw, Zoe Johnson, Sonya Swanson, Ahna Pankratz, Marissa Voelkel, Jada Lara-Madrigal, Katherine Bahauddin.

Annie Get Your Gun

Cast: Sophie Martin, Jack Siebenaler, Abby Blumenfeld, Sara Magnuson, Katarina Lamartine, Emily Hedrick, Cady Kocanda, Violet Dolan, Tyler Dguyen, Jordan Wilson.


Cast: Jacob Gueldner, Morgan Ajwang, Cyan Pampuch, Jane Loomans, Julia Reiswig, Talya Leavitt, Erin Browne, Abby Bortel, Rhys McCarthy-Kern, Alessandra Courbois


Cast: Eva Adams, Paige Schuller, Kathryn Ramach, Megan Anderson, Maya Osweiler, Elsa Palmieri, Ella Duepner, Braden Richardson, Joey Hanson, Benn Katzovitz.

Sound of Music

Cast: Emma Grabowski, Isabel Dosse, Evie Murray, Lucas Kordon, Ruby Bolton, Sigal Leavitt, Elle Neibuhr, Kaejha Hilliard

Lion King

Cast: Oskar Robinson, Ava Norling, Kate Anderson, Macario Ramirez-Moriarty, Sarah Larkin, Adam Hoglund, Oskar Simons, Iris Roane, Lucas Henriken, Nick Flaskamp

South Pacific

Cast: Paisley Durkin, Mae Niebuhr, Elizabeth Bieger, Josie Spanier, Nadia Rakun, Lauren Kelly

Sweet Charity

Alumni Cast: Keegan Robinson, Ava Flaskamp, Tessa Keefe, Ginny Beuthien, Jake Henriksen, Skylar Owens, Cindy Kroeum, Gabby Weld.


Cast: Ian Witry, Max Tuzinski-Dashe, Oliver Hall, Maura Nafziger-White, Sophia Crowley, Nora Harryman, and Kate Dwyer.