Kai Gudmestad


Spotlight Volunteer: Kai Gudmestad

Here are Kai's responses to some questions about his experience volunteering at Armatage.

How long have you been a parent at Armatage? Who are your children and what grade/class are they in?
This is my second year as a parent of an Armatage student. My son, Elijah, is a 1st grader in Mandy Perna's class. Next year, hopefully, my daughter Lucy will also be an Armatage student.

What volunteer roles have you been involved in and how did you choose these specific roles?
I have volunteered in a number of ways. I can't think of a specific reason I volunteered other than wanting to get involved. I have held office as the PTA treasurer, helped manage selling Spiritwear, helped on both the Fun Walk Committee, Carnival Committee and I am on the Direct-to-School (Maude, Music and Montessori) Committee.

With being a fairly new parent at Armatage, how did you get so involved in the school as quickly as you did?
That was easy.. I showed up to every PTA meeting and raised my hand as there was a need for volunteers!

Why do you volunteer and what have you gained from volunteering at Armatage?
I volunteer in an effort to connect my family to both the school and the community. I think I've been successful in doing that and so that's what I've gained.

Thank you for volunteering Kai!