Jooners FAQ

1. What is Jooners?

The online sign up sheet tool used by the Armatage community to help coordinate volunteer sign ups. The PTA pays for an annual premium membership.

2. Who can create a sign up sheet using the Armatage Jooners account?

Most often, Jooners is used by Armatage room parents and parent volunteers who lead or chair events and activities. Anyone within the Armatage Montessori community, including teachers, is welcome to use the account.

3. How do I login to the Armatage account?

Email Kari Augdahl at for more information.

4. How do I create a sign up sheet?

There are a few options. You can create a new sign up sheet, use an example format provided by Jooners, or copy a sign up sheet that’s already been created.

5. Do I have to be the one to create the Jooners sign up sheet?

Nope! If it’s easier for you, Parent Volunteer Manager, Kari Augdahl, will create the sign up sheet for you.

6. What types of events would warrant a Jooners sign up sheet?

  • A classroom party.
  • An event that has numerous duties such as set-up, tear-down, etc.
  • An event that requires representation across many classrooms.

7. How will I know who should receive my sign up sheet?

Each fall, when parents complete their volunteer forms, their interests are recorded in a database maintained by the (volunteer) Armatage Parent Communications Manager. The (volunteer) Parent Volunteer Manager is then able to provide each event chair/leader a short list of parents who will help.

8. Are there any tips or best practices you can share?

  • Copy last year’s sheet. If you are chairing an event that also occurred during the prior school year, chances are there’s already a Jooners sign up sheet in the account. Much easier to copy it than start from scratch!
  • Jooners provides history. Reviewing the list of volunteers and tasks on sign up sheets from prior years may help you get a handle on how the event has been managed.
  • How to distribute sign up sheets. There are two ways to distribute sign up sheets: 1) once you publish a sign up sheet, you can browse the Jooners contact list and forward to any parent who has already used Jooners or 2) you can “send” the sign up sheet to your own email account, open the email, copy the Jooners link and paste it into another email for your volunteers.
  • Don’t be afraid to “publish.” A published sign up sheet actually can be edited and it won’t be shared with others until it is emailed.
  • Jooners can be quirky. Sometimes the sign up sheet links don’t immediately work! This appears to be a problem with the Jooners server, not the links themselves. Often troublesome links will work if you go back to them later. Please don’t be discouraged—we need you parent volunteers!