Jamie Henriksen


Spotlight Volunteer: Jamie Henriksen

Here are Jamie's responses to some questions about her experience volunteering at Armatage.

How long have you been a parent at Armatage?

I have been involved at Armatage for many years. I have a niece who graduated from Southwest last year and a nephew who is a senior at Washburn. They were both in the community program at Armatage and I have been coming to the school in some capacity since then. My kids are in 7th (Jake at Anthony) and 5th grade (Luc in room 121) and have been at Armatage since Kindergarten.

What volunteer roles have you been involved with at Armatage over the years and how did you choose those specific roles?

I moved here from CA before my kids were born. When Jake got to school I wanted to become involved, see what school was going to be about for him and meet his “friends”. That is why I chose to help in the classroom and lunchroom. I also started getting to know the kids and began helping with Student of the Month.

By the next year, I became the chair for the Lunchroom and Student of the Month. In addition to those things, I became a room parent and co-chaired Kindergarten Registration.

When Jake was in 2nd grade, Shari Anderson and I started to take the reigns for all school volunteers (we shadowed Anne Hacker for that year). Shari and I were the co-chairs for all school volunteers for five years.

I was the PTA treasurer for three years (during a tumultuous time while the school changed from community/Montessori to all Montessori). Somewhere in there I became the Room Parent Coordinator. I also chaired the dance one or two years with Shari since the chair backed out four days before and started none of the work! I coordinated picture day prior to Joan Browne and have been in charge of pre-sales for the carnival for the last three years and am mentoring for it this year.

What have you gained from volunteering?

I have met some great people/kids and made many relationships. I have been given great exposure to hands on experience in project management (what I do when I do paid work)… which has kept my resume current. Volunteering has afforded me the ability to be with my kids and I believe that is/will be beneficial to them… now and for years to come.