In The Classroom


Montessori Classroom Components



Independent work:
Students are encouraged to become independent workers over time. Each week they will be given a work plan to complete. Students are encouraged to make good work choices. In order for this approach to work, students need to be respectful of their peers. They need to provide a quiet work environment and be willing to help each other. (When they need help they need to “ask 3”.) Students are continuously working towards being responsible, caring, and independent learners.


We will use the Reader's Workshop model. There will be weekly spelling works from the Words Their Way program with spelling tests on Fridays. We will have a whole group lesson on reading skills during our work shop times followed by small guided reading groups. Montessori language arts lessons will also be done weekly.


The Writer's Workshop model will be used in the classroom as well. We will work on the process of writing. They will be working on mechanics, content, flow, etc. of writing to improve their communication skills. We will work on many different types of writing. These lessons will be done using a variety of Montessori and Lucy Calkins lessons.


Using a variety of instructional groups and mixed abilities groups, we will work on math concepts and skills. Operations will be covered with Montessori materials and lessons as well as geometry. Problem solving will be covered with a variety of lessons and sources including the Investigations series (that all MPS are required to use). We will teach mini lessons that help with the language and routines of math and give Investigations practice as part of weekly homework.


We will be investigating science concepts as a whole group. Third grade teachers will be collaborating with the science teacher, Ms. White. Most of the science we will do in class will be based on the Montessori curriculum.


The physical environment of our Earth is the basis of our geography study. This study will start with the Universe, then planets, then continents, then finally our country. Some of topics we will be looking are biomes, landforms, and mapping.


We will study time through the Montessori time line lessons. These include the: Clock of Eras, Time Line of Life, Time Line of Humans, History of Numbers, and History of Language. This will give students a sense of what the impact of different events have had on our Earth.


In an effort to increase the students' academic and organizational skills we assign homework. Each student will receive weekly packets that will include Investigationshomework as well as reading comprehension homework. This work will go home on Mondays and is due on Fridays. Also every student needs to read a minimum of 150 minutes a week (or 30 minutes a night). No matter what a child's reading ability ALL children benefit from this activity. Please help make homework a positive experience. Help your child find a time/place to complete their homework and provide encouragement. This will help them improve their organizational skills and makes them became more responsible.