Family Fun Walk
Family Fun Walk 2020



October 20th-November 8th, 2020


What is the Family Fun Walk?

The Family Fun Walk is the PTA's BIGGEST fundraiser of the year. Proceeds directly support classroom learning with grants for IXL and Raz Kids, activity scholarships, materials, and more. The PTA needs your support more than ever this year!

Normally, we hold the Family Fun Walk in-person, kicked off by a pancake breakfast. But 2020 obviously isn’t a normal year! So this year’s Fun Walk will be a virtual event running through November 15th and comprised of three components:

  1. A fundraiser, which raises money directly for our students and teachers from parents, families, and friends;
  2. A postcard campaign, in which students will send postcards that express their appreciation to teachers or family members; and
  3. A socially-distanced virtual walk in which families will walk on their own time and then submit photos to share so that we can still share this experience together!

We know this isn’t the tradition we’re all used to (the walk just can’t be the same without a child’s spilled syrup sticking to your sleeve), but it’s still incredibly important to show our support for our school and our appreciation for our community. We hope you’ll join us! Read on for further details below.




Family Fun Walk 2020

The Armatage Family Fun Walk was created in 2007 by a group of enterprising parents with the goals of having fun, celebrating fitness, and raising funds for our beloved school. Proceeds directly support classroom learning with grants for IXL and Raz Kids, activity scholarships and all those extra programs that make Armatage such a vibrant school to attend.


Even though this years’ walk is virtual, we’re staying true to its original goals: having fun, celebrating fitness, and raising funds for our school. The event runs through November 15th,2020. We hope that you participate in all three components, but you’re free to participate in as many as you’re able. Here are the details of each component:

1. Fundraiser:  The Family Fun Walk is the PTA's BIGGEST fundraiser of the year, directly benefiting our teachers and students. 

Our goal this year is to raise $35,000, which would be an average of $75 per student. We recognize this is a tumultuous year for many families, so we encourage you to give only as you’re able. Contributions are not required to participate in the other elements of the family fun walk. 

As an incentive, we’re sponsoring a ‘reward’ for the grade level with the highest average fundraising total!

Please don’t forget to check if your employers may match donations!

You can donate on behalf of your students at   

We encourage you to share the link with family and friends to get as many donations for your student’s grade level as possible.

Please make your donations by November 15th 


2. Postcard Campaign: As part of the school supplies pickup on Oct 21st

Family Fun Walk 2020
e="font-size: 11pt; font-family: Calibri, sans-serif; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); background-color: transparent; font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;">, each student will get two pre-stamped postcards. Please have your student draw a message or picture on the frontside of the postcards and mail them to someone who they appreciate.  We recommend that one postcard is sent to a school staff person who your child appreciates, and another could go to a friend or family member (who you might also encourage to donate to the fundraiser!).  

Cards for staff can be mailed to the school address at Armatage Montessori School, 2501 W. 56th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55410.  For staff names, see this link:  

We’re recommending mailing the cards by October 26th, 2020 to meet goals by November 15, 2020.


3: Virtual Walk: Go out and walk in honor of Armatage with your family at our own convenience. Get some exercise, have some fun, and while you’re at it, take some pictures! We’re asking families to send in their photos for us to share in Fun walk emails. You could even win a prize in one of the following categories: 

  • Best school spirit 
  • Best Sidewalk art
  • Best Nature View
  • Most creative 
  • Best costume
  • Funny pets 
  • Unique location or activity while doing the virtual walk (on your hands? A unicycle? etc…)

Please submit pictures to: 


Thank you so much for your ongoing support of Armatage! If you have any questions, please feel free to send them to