Family Inclusion Celebration

Family Inclusion Celebration: We value diverse perspectives at Armatage

Friday, March 20th 

What is Armatage’s Family Inclusion Celebration?

This is an opportunity to honor the family traditions and rich culture throughout our school community. Each class will go on a gallery walk around the building to observe cultural artifacts from the Somali museum and our own Armatage families. There will be several stations in the Little Gym where students and families can reflect on their identities and learn more about others’ heritages. 


How can you help?

1) Volunteer by signing up here

2) Share an artifact or item of clothing related to your culture or heritage. These will be displayed in the Little Gym. Parent volunteers will watch over the artifacts/clothing and answer questions about them. See the Family Artifacts Form on the reverse for details.

3) Send a family photo to ELL teacher David Luiken to be included in a slide show. Send digital photos by Friday, March 13th to

4) Come celebrate at the Family Inclusion Celebration!  


What is the schedule?

7:45-10am: Families invited for food and activities. Come when you can.

All day: Students go on gallery walks throughout the school with their classes. Families are welcome to participate in the class gallery walks. Teachers will email families with their class’s scheduled time.


How can you learn more?

If you have any questions, please contact Assistant Principal, Carey Seeley at You can also contact our parent committee leaders: Geetanjali Mittal (, Jessica Shryack (, Muraya Yusuf, and Paula Luxenberg (

All are Welcome!


Family Artifacts Form

Help make the Family Inclusion Celebration a success by sharing an artifact or item of clothing related to your culture or heritage. Examples include: a prayer mat, a quilt sewn by a great grandmother, a musical instrument, beautiful clothing, or anything else that represents one aspect of your family’s story. Be creative!

These will be displayed in the Little Gym all day on Friday, March 20 and returned home the following week. Parent volunteers will watch over the artifacts and answer questions about them. 

Please send artifacts to school Monday, March 16-Thursday, March 19. Label them with your child’s name and place this form in a bag with your items. Please label the bag with your child’s name and room number. Please don’t send anything of great value. We will not be held responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.