Family Fun Walk


Thank You!

Food Donors:
Cave Vin (56th and Xerxes) – sausage and fresh orange juice
City Church – serving, cooking, and clean-up of the breakfast
Cub Foods
General Mills – pancake batter
Lunds Richfield
Peace Coffee
Sam's Club
Trader Joe's

Prize Donors:
Pump It Up
Crate and Barrel Frame – Mrs. Doheny
Room and Board - Mermaid doll - Diana Carroll
Children's Theater Company - Michael Harryman
Missoni designer bike for auction - Lori and Drew Riley
Nickelodeon Universe tickets -,
Armatage Carnival Team

The Fun Walk could not have happened without the following people:
Kathy Tuzinski - Give MN webpage coordinator, treasurer, and spreadsheet tracker)
Amy Swenson - Quick study in mass volunteer coordination and every other aspect of the walk
Jill DeSanto - Breakfast chair, who makes putting together all the elements of a breakfast for 500+ under a time limit look like it’s easy (but we know it’s not)
Kristen Milner - Up-to-the minute e-coverage
Sarah Poindexter - Comparison shopper and swag obtainer, helped with so much prep before and during the walk
Rachel Greenhouse - Logo design
Marc Thompson - Fun walk web page design
Holly Welch - Print publication design

Thank you to all of the volunteers! You were more helpful than we can express:
Aaron Kovan, Amy Swenson, Ann Hotz, Anna Haugen, Annalise Munnich, Armatage Building Engineers (George, Keith, Luis, Roger), Armatage Carnival team, Armatage Park Building Staff (Ingrid, Keith, Jerry, Ryan, Jessica), Armatage PTA, Bill Farniok, Bob Muse, Brian Gallagher, Cheryl Reiswig, Chuck Stroebel, City Church Team of twelve (led by John and Kathy Sommerville), Colleen Harryman, Colleen Kulesa, Deb Keefe, Doug Sellner, Erin Rian, Fletcher Hotz, Geoff Jensen, Holly Hermansen, Holly Welch, Ian Corbin, Ingrid Krafve, Jamie Henriksen, Jamie Kell, Jasmine Harrison, Jean Brandl, Jeanne Schuller, Jenny Ito, Jill De Santo, Josh Doheny, Julie Scherber, Kari DeMars, Kathy Martin, Kathy Tuzinski, Keegan Robinson, Kelli Swanson, Kelly Rikansrud, Kristen Milner, Kurt Gueldner, Lacey Muse, Leondo Swenson, Lesa Hudak, Lianne Knych, Lina Swenson, Lisa Kelly, Mackenzie Doheny, Marc Thompson, Maren Bassett, Mary McKelvey, Megan Benson, Merav Siman-Tov, Michael Harryman, Michelle Tatum, Nicole Gallagher, Nikki Kovan, Paul Leavitt, Paul Reiswig, Rachel Greenhouse, Randy Tatum, Rick Hammond, Ryan with Armatage Park, Sally Thurin Rollin, Sandy Haug, Sarah Linnes-Robinson, Sarah Poindexter, Scott Marshall, Shannon Marshall, Shari Anderson, Sharon Hedrick, Shevvi Crowley, Shon Crowley, Stacy Klage, Steve Broshar, Steve Ulrich, Tami Tapani, Tammy Anderson, Tina Thousand, Tom Grabowski, Zach Blumenfeld