Emphasis on the Whole Child


The Montessori method appeals to the full spectrum of intelligences and learning styles—logical, linguistic, kinesthetic, artistic, spatial, etc.—and seeks to educate the whole child. Because the quality of the overall learning environment is paramount, students are taught to take responsibility for the culture of their class. Students learn to respect each other’s “work” and to give each other the space and the tranquility that are conducive to learning. An emphasis on geography and world cultures encourages the child to be more tolerant toward others and understanding of differing world views. Positive self-esteem is essential to learning. Feeling good about yourself because you have experienced success at learning and support from the community of caring people around you is an important aspect of the Montessori classroom. In addition, "freedom within limits” is an often quoted Montessori phrase. Any action that crosses the line from being good for people and into the area of hurting someone or something will be immediately and firmly stopped.