2013-14 Budget Survey

Given the pending reduction of $25 million dollars from the school district budget for the 2013-2014 school year; Armatage like all Minneapolis schools will have to make significant reductions in staffing in order to present a balanced budget to the district on March 21st.

As you may have read in the newsletter earlier this week, Armatage will be losing the CLASS program because of a district decision to consolidate the program into fewer schools as it is slowly eliminated. Losing the program will have a huge impact on Armatage Montessori School! As noted, we will have to reduce one of our specialists’ hours by 0.2 (or 1 day a week).

Budget allocations will be given to principals on Friday, March 8th. Based on preliminary information from the district, I am anticipating a reduction in funding that will impact our staffing. Therefore, I am seeking feedback from staff and families to assist me in making the best budget decisions possible for Armatage Montessori School. Below are some questions that will help guide discussions & decisions that will need to be made over the next two weeks.

Please complete this anonymous survey by Monday, March 11th in order for your feedback and suggestions to be considered in the final budget decisions.

Grades of Children Currently at Armatage

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