Armatage A-Z

Academic Rigor
. Ensuring that the curriculum is academically challenging for each student at his or her
individual level
Accelerated Reading Program/AR
. Accelerated Reader is a
computer program
designed to challenge our
readers as well as ensure they are reading at the right level for their ability to ensure comprehension (very important
when it comes time for reading testing.) Students read books at pre
determined levels and receive points for test
questions on the computer.
After School Classes
. Sign
ups occur each fall, winter and spring for after
school classes. A flyer will be sent
home with your child. Classes range from Art to Computers to Rocketr
y to Spanish.
Annual Fund
. Donations may be made to the Armatage Annual Fund, which supports the school needs that
exceed our annual budget. Annual Fund monies have been used to add staff hours in the office, for school supplies and
for reading specialis
t hours. Donations may be made through or by simply writing a check
payable to “Armatage School” and submitting it to the school office.
Anthony Middle School
. Armatage, Burroughs, Kenny and Lyndale are “feeder” schools for Anthony
School (grades 6
8). Anthony is just 9 blocks southeast of Armatage.
Area C
Minneapolis school district is divided into three areas and Armatage along with the rest of
Minneapolis is part of Area C (formerly known as Zone 3)
Area C Parent Advisory Council
The Area C Parent Advisory Council is a parent group that aims to collect the
voice of MPS Area C parents, to build community among Area C parents and t
o create a channel of communication
between Area C parents, the District Parent Advisory Council and district leadership.
Monthly meetings are held at
various area schools.
Art Adventure Program
. This program, led by parent volunteers,
introduces stud
ents to reproductions of art
from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.
Students learn art appreciation and create their own “masterpieces.” Art
takes place over several weeks during art class time midway through the year.
Art Show
. An all
student art show is presented in the
in the
Upper Gym
on the same day as the
music program
Attendance Line
. If your child will be late to school or absent, we would
appreciate a call at the attendance line:
A.Y.P. (Ad
equate Yearly Progress).
In Minnesota, schools are required to meet
“Adequate Yearly Progress”
goals in the areas of math and reading. Armatage scored
“above target” in both reading and math again this year!
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