Thank You Track and Field Day Volunteers!
Monday, June 3, 2019 5:00 AM


Dear Track & Field Day Volunteers,

A GIGANTIC thank you to all of you who helped with this year's Track and Field Day and parade Thursday, May 23rd!  It takes a lot of help before, during and after to make this event happen and be successful.   We appreciate everyone who pitched in to help!  We couldn’t have done it without you:

Our parent volunteers who took time out of their work schedule to come out not only to cheer on our students, but also to volunteer at the various events explaining the rules, lining up the students, keeping the students focused, setting up the field, and/or cleaning up the field: Kevin Brown, Ella Carlsson, Dan Charberry, Justin Coyne, Brad Curtis, Mary  Donnelly, Bill Farniok, Paula Golade, Zylpha Gregerson, Amy Gudmestad, Kai Gudmestad, Marybeth Hanson, Kami Hanson, Joy Herzog, Erin Hester, Jennifer Hiebert, Josh Hiebert, Chelsea Hildenbrand, Karen Jenson, Rachel Knoke, Nathan Kowlin, Sarah Koelin, Joshua Koomen, John Kundtz, Nick LaRusso, Josh Larson, Jules Lehto, Annique London, Paula Luxenberg, Sarah Maderich, Sarah Mahmud, Seth Manning, Zoe Marin, Jenelle Masterson, Michelle McCrank, Jason McVay, Mary Caroline Mitchell, Jason Muscala, Jane Nilan, Mike Nilan, Douglas Olson, Geoff Paine, Kathy Patten-Marsh, Christa Perkins, Holly Rosenthal, Avina Singh, Jessica Shryack, Emily Sowell, Michael Spangenberg, Scott Staab, Mark Stauffer, Christopher Strom, Heidi VanAmburg, Demian Vincenty, Debra Wanduragala, Olivia Webster, Tracy Wetternach, Karen Winger and Dan Yost.

 (We hope we didn’t miss anyone, especially those of you who came in and wanted to help wherever needed.  We might have missed your name listed on our volunteer name sheets, but we wanted to make sure you all knew your help was most appreciated and very much needed!)

Our PTA with their generous promotional, volunteer and financial support.

Our Armatage Park and Recreation Center staff who lent their assistance with tables and chairs, offering us their water coolers to ensure all our students and volunteers had water to drink, as well as giving us a helping hand when needed.  John Eiden & Mr. Pedro who took all the tables out onto the field with his motorized cart, ensures we have electricity for the D.J., and lends us a hand setting-up for this extraordinary day!!

Our fabulous teachers who made the day even more fun by making funky shirts and accessories for their students to wear, and even made creative banners for the parade: Kelly Alexander, Jean Avecilla, Jane Campbell, Denise Clare, Melissa Hagberg, Kristen Hanson, Margo Hodapp, Juliet Holder, Christen Houdek, Stacy Katzovitz, Susie King, Michele Lehmbecker, Heather Lingen, Michelle Loomans, Jessie Mahabadi, Heidi Olson, Staci Owens, Connie Rubenstein, Ralph Sievert, Tina Swift, Ashley Tomechko, Lisa Walker, and Marie Voreis.

Our Teaching Specialists & Assistant Educator Staff who not only volunteered for the entire day, but also took the lead for all our events, as well as encouraging all students to do their best in each event:  Lisa Benson, Emma Berger, Lynette Clarke, Kaitlyn Fashingbauer, Elizabeth Koch, Megan Lee, David Luiken, Kelly Nakashima, Patty Pivec, Sarah Thompson & Anita Webster.  Also to the Specialists & Educational Assistants who supervised in the lunchroom and during recess for our students: Abdullahi, Laurie, Kelly Borchardt, Nancy Dobbratz, Ingrid Nelson Krafve, Martha Wahlstrom & Sue Wirth.

Our Principal, Mrs. Franks, who is the true champion of Armatage Montessori School and our Vice-Principal, Ms. Carey Seeley, who kindly came out the field to ensure all was going well during the day.  Our wonderful School Secretary, Ms. Mary MacRae, who patiently answered any questions parents had about our event!

Our Fifth Grade students who have worked all year long during gym class to become a more active person, and the 5th grade volunteers who worked with our Pre-Kindergartners and Kindergarteners:  Rm. 114 – Alex, Annika, Brody, Claire, Ella, Ellie, Elsa, June, Nathan, Paloma, Samson;  Rm. 115 – Alex, Audrey, Khayre, Keira, Marco, Neima, Odelia, Ozzie, Taleya, Teo;  Rm. 116 – Allie, Avery, Cooper, Ella, Georgia, Haddie Hailey, Julie, Laken, Leon, Liana;  Rm. 117 – Alex, Eli, Chloe, Imran, Jerlayah, Kai, Lucy, Mia, Summit, Zada;  Rm. 118 – EV, Hadrien, Katy, Levi, Lucy, Madeline, Matthew, Natasha, Rhys, Santi, Zora;  Rm. 119 – Ardo, Cole, Hann, Moriah, Ruby, Sophia.

Our musical virtuosos, Ms. Anita Webster, for her preparation beforehand to make the all-school parade an extra special treat, and Ms. Mary Becker, who coordinated having three, 5th grade drummers,  Summit Olson, Santiago Schilken and Samson Skibell, as part of the parade!

Our D.J for the past several years, Mr. Carlton Douglas, who plays the most exhilarating music throughout the day to keep us all energized!

To the Former Armatage Students who didn’t hesitate to help us out at the last minute despite having year-end finals during the week and having to get up out of bed much earlier than usual:  Azaya Basford Hammond, Soren Bjorholm, Ruby Browne, Jillian Brandl, Ava Burns, Abby Grabowski, Kellen Henry, Ellery Koomen, Mia Kovan, Sarah LaBarre, Ruby Marshall, Malcolm Munnich, Mason Olson, Sevilla Reed, Kaisja Robinson, Jia Rydholm, Maddie Tatum & Bella Weatherly.

It truly takes a community to help with this event, and the students look forward to it every year, as much as we do.  We thank you again, for your generosity of time and commitment, and we hope to see you all next year!

Enjoy your summer and keep on running, jumping and kicking off your shoes!

Most Sincerely, 

Mr. Mike Leach, Mr. Daniel Polland, Sarah Poindexter, Crystal Weatherly & Michelle Hemingway Tatum