Anita Webster - Music Teacher

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Welcome to Room 139A

Hello! My name is Anita Webster and I have taught music at Armatage School since 2000. Wow has time flown by! I majored in Music Education at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa and have a Master's Degree from St. Thomas Univeristy (2002). I have always taught music including grades pre-k through 6th. I taught Sunday School for 5 years as well.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe all children should experience the joy of music, regardless of the degree of personal musical experience they have. I believe that inclusion of music is a critical foundation for learning. It has been proven that students who are involved in music and learning to read music excel in many other areas as a result. Reading music is actually learning another language, brings cultural awareness, and reinforces math with counting, note, and rest values. Learning and practicing performance skills give students confidence in public speaking, theater/acting, and builds self esteem/self confidence.

Spotlight Unit

I love teaching notation (note reading) to grades 3-5. It is so exciting to see the 'lightbulb go on' as students catch-on to note reading, and realize they are able to read music! I also love our many performances with all grade levels, seeing the confidence and pride the students display while singing on stage.

A bit about myself

I love animals, playing the piano, walking and spending time with my family. I love working at Armatage and with the Armatage students, and realize the blessing that it is each and every day!

To reach me, feel free to send me an email through my school address: or call and leave me a voice message in my room 612/692-0883. I check my emails and voice mail messages several times a day during the school day.

However, if you have an emergency or change in after school plans, please call the school office directly at 612/668-3180.