Activities & Involvement

Beyond the classroom, the Armtage Montessori community has events and activities to get involved in our school. Participate in an event, meet your child's classmates and connect with the Armatage community, volunteer in the classroom, donate your time and money to make the events happen and support Armatage!

School Events

Help cultivate the Armatage community outside of the Classroom! Join in in our monthly and annual Armatage events - fundraisers, celebrations, showcases for students. All events take place at Armatage (unless othewrise noted). Each event needs parent volunteers to make them happen - please sign up here to get involved

Volunteer at Armatage

Maria Montessori believed that a child's education was enriched by parental involvement. Armatage has long benefited from an actively engaged community of parent volunteers. We welcome and encourage you to get involved as a volunteer in whatever capacity makes sense for you and your family.  

Armatage PTA

There are many ways parents can get involved at Armatage Montessori.  Volunteer opportunities abound, whether you have a spare hour in the evening or part of a school day. Annually, the PTA supports many special events and fundraisers at our school and chairpersons and/or volunteers are always appreciated! In addition, for those who are able, financial contributions to support classroom teachers or PTA events - by becoming a member, by making a donation, or both - is a great way to show your support.  Find out more:

Site Council

Armatage Montessori is a site-managed school. The Site Council works on issues related to the Armatage Montessori community, including long range planning, budgets, policies, student achievement, community building and curriculum. Working closely with Principal Franks, the Site Council ensures the continued success of our community and strengthens relationships between the school, families and the Armatage neighborhood. 

Direct to School Fundraising Efforts

Contributions to Armatage through the direct-to-school fundraising campaign make a real difference. For example, past direct-to-school fundraising efforts have enabled Principal Franks to increase our science specialist from part-time to full time, and to continue to offer band during the school day at no charge for students.  While every year's funding puzzle looks a little different, proceeds from direct-to-school fundraising efforts directly impacts contact hours for all students at Armatage. 

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