Hello and Welcome to Armatage

My name is Joan Franks and I am the very proud principal of this incredible public Montessori school!

Armatage is located in Southwest Minneapolis and is unique in that it is one of only two Montessori schools in our district. We have a wide range of experienced teachers who bring their expertise and skills to classrooms totally outfitted with materials to meet the needs of each individual child. As one parent recently said to me, “Having my child at Armatage is like receiving a private school education in a public school atmosphere, it doesn’t get any better than this!”

Armatage Montessori School provides a curriculum based on the theory that the materials used should cultivate a child's own natural desire to learn. The students experience the excitement of learning by making choices throughout the day. The classroom teachers develop individualized plans for the students that focus on their areas of development as well as areas of strength. The teacher is a facilitator who helps guide the student's discovery process. Children are introduced to concepts on a concrete level using specific Montessori materials and move into the abstract at their own pace. It is important to note that Armatage Montessori School integrates Readers and Writers Workshop and Investigations Math into the classroom curriculum. Montessori students also visit art, science, physical education, media and music teachers who use specialized curriculum to provide unique opportunities for the children.

Armatage Montessori School is a wonderful place for children to learn. We have tremendous parent involvement and a PTA that provides great support to our families, staff and students alike. Reading & Math Partners, Kids on Broadway, Art Adventure, the Spring Music Concert, Track & Field Day, the Science Fair, the MLK Share-in and Accelerated Reading and Math are just a few of the extra opportunities that we provide for all students. The sharing of curriculum and ideas amongst staff makes Armatage an outstanding (yet unique) Minneapolis Public School.

I would encourage anyone looking for a school with highly qualified and talented teachers, tremendous parental involvement and community support to visit Armatage and see why this school is "the best kept secret in the district".


Joan Franks, Principal