Frequently Asked Questions
Mural painted by students in 2005

Below are some commonly asked questions about our school. We have attempted to answer them, but if you need more information, please don't hesitate to contact Armatage Principal, Joan Franks.

Q.    What are the average class sizes at Armatage?

A.    Class sizes may vary from year to year depending upon enrollment figures. Maximum grade level numbers are as follows: Kindergarten through 3rd grade: 1 to 26 ratio and 4th and 5th grade: 1-32 ratio.

Q.    Do you have half-day and full-day Kindergarten?

A.     This year, Armatage has three full-day Kindergarten classrooms. We are committed to offering full-day Kindergarten to everyone coming to Armatage.

Q.    What if my preschooler is already reading?

A.    The classroom teacher will provide enrichment activities to further develop your child’s reading skills. Montessori education facilitates every child being taught at their independent level.  The teachers are trained and skilled at individualizing curriculum.  For those students who need additional support, we have a fully trained Montessori teacher to provide tutoring for children in a small group surrounding.

Q.    Are all Kindergarten students able to take a bus to and from school?

A.    All Armatage students living outside the “walk zone” may take a school bus to and from school. Those children who live within the "walk zone" are encouraged to walk with an adults, at least one other student or a small group of friends. Specific bus information for your child will be mailed to you in August prior to the start of the school year.

Q.    What kind of safety standards does the school employ?

A.    Safety of our students is a priority for the Minneapolis School District and for Armatage School. We employ the following to ensure safety for our students:   

All doors remain locked throughout the day.   

All visitors to the school are required to check in at the office, document the purpose of their visit, and obtain a visitor’s badge.

Children are closely supervised at all times, including the lunchroom, playground activities, and school arrival and departure.   

Volunteers will be required to fill out a form in the office that will be used for a background check.

Q.    How does the school communicate with families?

A.    Kanga News is the name of our school newsletter and it goes out weekly via email. Kanga News commonly includes a principal’s message, a calendar, updates from the specialists, PTA and volunteer information, and community news. PTA meeting agendas and minutes are announced in the Kanga News as well, with links to posted documents on the school website. In addition to the KangaNews which is an opt-in email you will also recieve email communications from the district regarding district wide announcements. Classroom news is handled through emails from classroom teachers.

Q.    What is the level of parental involvement?

A.    There are many ways for parents to get involved at Armatage School and many parents take advantage of these opportunities. Armatage has a very active PTA which implements many projects throughout the year, supporting its students, their families and the staff. Parents also serve on the school Site Council which sets priorities and policy for the school. We are lucky to have a broad base of parents who are very involved. If you are interested in getting involved please contact our volunteer coordinator at:

Q.    If I have a concern about the school, whom do I call?

A.     The classroom teacher is always a great place to start. However, if you need additional input, always feel free to contact Steve Searl, principal of Armatage Montessori School, at or (612) 668-3180. If you have a question for the PTA, you can email to Our goal is to work collaboratively with parents to effectively and efficiently solve problems.