2018-2019 Third Grade Supplies List

3rd Grade Supply List


3 packs of Ticonderoga brand pencils


1pack of thin markers


5 spiral notebooks (red, blue, green, yellow, black)


4 folders (red, blue, green, yellow)


1-2 packs of colored pencils


glue (boys= 1bottle,  girls= glue sticks)


1scissors (boys)


1pack of post-it notes (girls)


1pack of loose-leaf paper (wide-ruled


1pack of card stock (any color, 8 1/2 x 11)


1roll of packing tape in a dispenser


1pack of ultra-fine point sharpies (various colors or black)


4 boxes of Kleenex


1roll of paper towels


1pack of ruled note cards (boys)


1pack graph paper  loose-leaf, 4x4 squares (girls)


2 packs of erasers, NOT pencil-top, Hi-polymer preferred


1pair of ear buds


WISH LIST: Liquid soap, address labels 1" by 4", white poster board