Jean Avecilla - 1st-2nd Grade Montessori Teacher

Welcome to Room 113

Hi!  My name is Jean Avecilla.  I have been teaching 1st-2nd grade at Armatage Montessori since 2003.  I started teaching in the Minneapolis district in 1993.  I've taught at a few different schools in the district in grades 1 - 4.

I enjoy teaching with the Montessori philosophy.   I love watching children get excited about learning!  I really enjoy teaching about life cycles and having the children observe them firsthand with insects (mealworms, caterpillars), birds (incubating eggs), or amphibians (tadpoles).

A little more about myself...

I grew up in central Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a BA in Italian.  I enjoy learning different languages and teaching my students different greetings and other phrases. 

I received my Elementary Education certification through the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities and my Montessori certification through the College of St. Catherine's in Minneapolis.

If you need to contact me...

You can reach me by email:



However, if you have an emergency or change in after school plans, please call the school office directly.  (612-668-3180)