Testing Schedule:
ACCESS (ELL): March 1-24
MCA Reading (gr 3-5): April 12-20
MCA Math (gr 3-5): April 21-28
MCA Science (gr 5): May 1-5
MPG/MAP (gr 1-2): May 8-30

Thank you Family Fun Walk Volunteers!


Thank you Family Fun Walk Volunteers! We couldn't do it without you!

Kristen Milner, Brenda Duepner, Kelly Mullen, Amanda Brooks, Peggy Browne, Bill Farniok, Michelle Hemingway, Mick Mullen, Pam Wood, Tina Swift, Chris Loth, Lori Maclachlan, Tina Thousand, Maren Bassett, Mike Adams, Annelise Munnich, Jane Rydholm, Valora Unowsky, Candace Cobb, Shannon Marshall, Justine White and her Dad, Dan Moriarty, Shelly Bell, Lena Johnson, Susie Orr, Jehanne Zirps, Sara Aase, Antje Lewald, Kate Bispala, Terri Nierengarten, Janet Parker, Lina Swenson, Jill Heuer, George Pappajohn, Teresa Burns, Christine England, Josie Spanier, Peter O'Malia, Sarah Linnes-Robinson, Paul Robinson, Keegan Robinson, and Jamie Nafziger White

Submitted by Kari Augdahl