Science Update from Kaitlyn Fashingbauer
Monday, December 17, 2018 6:00 AM


Hello! I can't believe it is almost winter break! We have been working hard in the science room! Here is what each grade level has been studying:


PreK & K: 5 senses, labeling, trees, leaves, weather, seasons (after break we will start animals)


1.2: motion, gravity, balance, spinning, rolling (after break we will start plants & animals)


3: sound, variable experiments (hex bugs, swinger, boats) (after break we will keep working on a data unit to prepare for the MCA math test and then start a living systems unit)


4/5: rock and mineral testing, chemical and physical reactions, light energy, heat energy, electrical energy (after break we will be building circuits)


Thanks for your continued support of science at Armatage!  

Kaitlyn Fashingbauer
Science Specialist
Armatage Montessori