Science Update from Kaitlyn Fashingbauer
Thursday, January 18, 2018 6:00 AM


Hello & Happy New Year! I can't believe we are at the half way point already! The year is flying by. I am so proud of all the students & their focus each week in science class. The science fair will be here before we know it too! Watch for information & forms to come out in February. Below is a brief update of each grade level.

Pre K & Kindergarten:
We have been studying animals, which is very exciting for our Pre K & Kindergarten friends! We have learned about different types of animals, labeling body parts, fish & worms!
First & Second Grade:
We have become experts on the three states of matter. We have worked really hard on listing properties (adjectives) about different solids, liquids & gases. We even got to mix ice-cream & rootbeer together to see the gas they create! 
Third Grade:
We have been working on our variables unit. We did some cool experiments with hex bugs & even did a long jump competition. We learned how to find the average (mean) of our data. We are getting crayfish in a couple weeks & can't wait to start studying about living structures!
Fourth & Fifth Grade:
We are just wrapping up an awesome unit on microorganisms! We got to use brock microscopes each week and loved learning how they work! We got to see living microorganisms and even onion cells under the microscope. We will be starting landforms next. 

Kaitlyn Fashingbauer
Science Specialist
Armatage Montessori