Science Update from Kaitlyn Fashingbauer
Monday, October 02, 2017 3:00 AM


Science Update:

Hello & welcome back to science! We spent the first week in all classes getting to one another while creating a safe & caring learning environment. It has been a pleasure working with all the students at Armatage! 
PreK & Kindergarten: We have been exploring "What is Science". We looked at tools vs toys and what scientists actually do. The students really impressed me with their background knowledge of science! We are now on to the 5 senses and then will begin learning about types of trees, leaves and the fall season.
1st & 2nd Grade: We are right in the middle of our insect unit. We learned common characteristics that all insects share. We have learned about mealworms & milkweed bugs so far (we even have some in our room to observe)! For each insect we study we talk about characteristics, body parts and their life cycle.
3rd Grade: We are almost done with our space unit. We started off by discussing some common space terminology. We also have spent time learning about the moon, sun, stars, earth & planets. The students have been so engaged in this unit each week. We have encouraged them to notice the sun, moon, shadows, etc at home too!
4th & 5th Grade: We are in the middle of our big water unit. We spent a week reviewing the water cycle and then started a fantastic hands on project! Students learned about 12 common water pollution & marine ecosystem issues. Their challenge was to create/design an invention that we could use to either stop this issue or prevent it. They have blown me away with their knowledge into these subjects & their empathy for the world! They have come up with some pretty awesome inventions that I hope will be used some day! They are going to have a class vote next week to come up with the top 6 inventions. Then the next few weeks we will do some experiments with water. We will look at what happens to water on different surfaces, water movement on a slope, water draining & water power. Finally, we will spend a couple weeks making our own mini water filters! 

Kaitlyn Fashingbauer
Science Specialist
Armatage Montessori