Science Update from Kaitlyn Fashingbauer
Tuesday, October 31, 2017 6:00 AM


PreK & Kindergarten:

We are been working hard learning about trees. We know about the 2 types of trees and the parts of a tree. We will begin studying types of leaves next.

First & Second Grade:

We have still been learning about insects. We have studied meal worms, milkweed bugs, ladybugs, fireflies, bees and we even invented our very own type of insect! We will be wrapping this unit up & creating hand pollinators next!

Third Grade:

We are done with our space unit. We studied the sun, moon, stars, planets & even created an alien on our last day of the unit. Next up is our sound unit. We will talk about the difference between volume & pitch as well as sound waves.

Fourth & Fifth Grade:

We are still working hard on our water unit. These students have really surprised me with their curiosity for water experiments & what they have taken away each lesson. We have tested water on different surfaces, explored surface tension on pennies & looked at the relationship between water and slope. We will explore water drainage next week followed by water power. We then plan to wrap the unit up by creating our own water filter systems!

Kaitlyn Fashingbauer
Science Specialist
Armatage Montessori