Physical Education News from Mike Leach
Monday, October 23, 2017 7:25 AM


Physical Education Latest News:

Hi Everyone, hope all is well and you are enjoying this wonderful Fall weather!!
We have just finished Fall fitness testing and are in the middle of a "scooter" unit for both upper grade levels as well as the younger students. The kids do various movements on these scooters that require strength, endurance, and cooperation. It gets very loud but it is one of the students favorite things to do.
We will be starting a one week object manipulation unit using "Deck Rings" next week. The students will use a rubber deck ring to help with hand-eye coordsination. Other upcoming events include: Dance (one week), partner stunts and pyramid building, floor hockey (grades 3-5) and balls skills that include dribbling and rolling (grades k-2). 
As always the students at Armatage are second to none as far as cooperation and teamwork!! It makes our job so much more enjoyable to see the kids step up and genuinely want to help others!
That is it for now,
Mr. Leach and Mr. Polland (Physical Education Specialists)