Physical Education News from Mike Leach
Monday, September 25, 2017 7:25 AM


Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Summer. Although it seemed very short it is alway exciting to be back working with the students at Armatage. 
As is the case every year, we start out a bit slow. The students hear us talk about rules and expectations for the first week. They do get a chance to participate in low organized games/activities but we are focused on creating an atmosphere that is safe and enjoyable. 
We have recently started to get in to our Physical Education Curriculum. Grades K-2 are working on "ball skills". They have practiced throwing, catching, and also kicking thus far. The older students are doing soccer skills and playing soccer. They have done a great job of working with each other and it is not uncommon to see students helping other students who may be struggling during one of our lessons.
Things to come this October include: parachute activities, scooters, and fitness testing.
That is for now,
Have a great day,
Mike Leach/Daniel Polland (Physical Education Specialist)