Testing Schedule:
ACCESS (ELL): March 1-24
MCA Reading (gr 3-5): April 12-20
MCA Math (gr 3-5): April 21-28
MCA Science (gr 5): May 1-5
MPG/MAP (gr 1-2): May 8-30

Physical Education News from Mike Leach
Monday, February 13, 2017 7:25 AM

Hi Everyone, Hope all is going well this Winter. First want to start out congratulating all the students that participated in the Minneloppet!! It was a great event and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. This week in the gym we started a Minneapolis Rope Power Unit. Students in grades 1-5 work on mastering jumps from 3 levels of the rope power unit. Each level contains 6 jumps the kids try to learn and/or master. The number of jumps are checked off each year and we track the successful jumps a student can perform until the end of 5th grade. Kindergarten students are also using the short jump ropes. They do many fun and exciting things with the ropes. Making shapes and letters while moving around, through, in, and out of the shapes and letters they make is one thing they like. They also play a few different games with the short ropes. Of course, we introduce basics skills to help them learn how to jump. We have a Tumbling unit coming up next!! Have a great day, Mike Leach and Daniel Polland (Physical Education Specialists)