Music News from Ms. Anita
Sunday, October 07, 2018 6:00 AM


Anita Webster

Music Specialist


Congratulations to the 4th and 5th grade students from room 114 (Ralph Sievert’s class) and room 116 (Michelle Loomans’ class) for being selected to perform for our first Student of the Month program. They lead the audience in singing our national anthem “The Star Spangled Banner”. (Thank you to our flag holder Joszette Andresen.) You are all appreciated for ‘kicking off’ our first Student of the Month program of the school year. Our next Student of the Month performance will be on Friday November --th. We will be singing “Over the River and Through the Wood”.  Grades 1-5 will be eligible to perform… Good Luck!

Grades Pre-K and K are learning many songs with rhyming, movement, and actions (Jim Along Josie, Going Over the Sea, If You’re Happy and You Know It, Shake My Sillies Out, The Hokey Pokey, etc.). Our new vocabulary word is introduction and we have been paying special attention to this section of the music as we are introduced to a new song. We have also been learning about and discussing fire prevention. Hands down the favorite song is “Smokey The Bear”! Yesterday as Ms. Connie’s class came into the music room they simultaneously started singing the refrain to “Smokey The Bear” as they walked to their seats. It was amazing!!! J

First and second grade classes are learning how to get and navigate our songbooks. Two students are chosen to be the bookkeepers (one to pass out the books and one to collect them). Students are called by team to pick up their bookmarks and books, then return to their places and begin looking up the song pages. We started with one book song, then added another, and are now up to 3 book songs (we still sing from song sheets too). Our book songs are “Big Beautiful Planet”, “I Bought Me A Cat”, and “On Top Of Spaghetti”.  I am LOVING how the students react to the title “I Bought Me A Cat”… they are shocked by the grammar! Then we have a discussion about correct grammar, and brainstorm other ‘proper’ ways the song could have been titled. Armatage students are SO SMART!!!!!!

Soon, the students will be placed in “height line ups” and begin the process of going to the Little Theater to learn how to enter and exit the risers, and learn how to perform on stage.

Our vocabulary words are interlude and refrain.

Grades 3, 4 and 5 have now all begun their notation unit. Students were taught the treble clef note names for the lines and spaces on the staff.  (A brief tutorial is being/has been given on the bass clef notes for students wishing to complete extra credit work in the bass clef.) Students who reach the grade level standards for the notation unit will receive a “3” on their reports cards under the “Foundations” section. In order for students to receive a “4” on their report card, they must complete at least one worksheet of Extra Credit (which, according to our Effort Rubric ‘…goes above and beyond the music standards’). Plenty of Extra Credit work is made available to support their learning with:

  1. Treble clef note names (adding notes or note names)
  2. Bass clef note names (adding notes or note names) (Gr. 4/5)
  3. Music Vocabulary Word Finds
  4. Musical Instruments Word Scrambles

Vocabulary words for this unit are: lines, spaces, staff, notes, rests, treble clef, bar line, and measure.

Students are doing a great job. The dates I return their corrected worksheets will depend on how many music class periods each individual class has missed due to days off, and Student of the Month performances and rehearsals (which puts us behind). Students will be given extra time to complete and turn in extra credit worksheets. Extra credit will be returned after all of the main worksheets have been corrected and returned.

Have a great week!