Music News from Ms. Anita
Monday, October 09, 2017 9:00 AM

Anita Webster
Music Specialist
We are off and running in our new, temporary music room! We’ve had a
smooth transition into our new space and are very grateful for the larger area.
It’s been a great beginning to our school year and we have started out by
learning the music room procedures and expectations (and effort rubric for
grades 3, 4, and 5).
Students in grades 3-5 have started the school year reviewing their old songs
which helps them to feel comfortable singing with their new classmates. They
are learning about and signing up for music room jobs - incorporating 8 jobs
they can choose from that will build their leadership and cooperative learning
skills, while helping our music room to run smoothly. We are also beginning
our notation unit learning/reviewing how to read the notes on the staff.
Students in grades 1 and 2 have been reviewing some of the songs they learned
last year while they are adjusting to singing with a new class. We have also
begun several new songs this week including “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”
and “We’re Gonna Win Twins” in honor of our Minnesota Twins baseball team
making it to the post season!
We are working on good singing posture and have begun learning our new
vocabulary words. Second graders are also taking on the classroom leadership
roles of pointer (pointing to the words of the song on the large screen),
calling off songs sheets (calling off the color and order of the song sheets for
the class to get them back in order) and book keeper. They are doing an
excellent job of being good role models for the first graders.
Students in grades Pre K and K are learning the music room procedures,
singing songs with actions and movements such as Bingo, Jim Along Josie, and
Going Over the Sea. Our stories include “The Berenstain Bears and the First
Day of School” and “Clifford’s First School Day”. The children are eager to
learn, and show excitement and enthusiasm for everything we do. This year the
students seem unusually quick and good at learning and remembering their
assigned spots… it truly amazing and a joy! It makes the start of our class
period run smoothly and efficiently, and we have more time for learning!
Our first performance was a Student of the Month program last Friday October
6 th (8:30 a.m.). The first 2 classes chosen to sing were Ralph Sievert and Marie
Voreis 4 th and 5 th graders. This year due to construction, we had to rearrange
the way we practiced and performed in the Little Theater. Everyone was
willing to be flexible, respectful, and responsible, which made our new
performance transitions seamless. Thanks for a job well done!
I am so pleased with all of the classes and look forward to a fantastic year
Have a wonderful week!