Music News from Ms. Anita
Tuesday, February 05, 2019 6:00 AM


Anita Webster

Music Specialist


Congratulations to the 4th and 5th grade students in room 114 (Ralph Sievert’s class) and room 118 (Melissa Hagberg’s class) who sang and played jingle bells accompanying our song “Let It Snow” for the January Student of the Month program. They also sang at Armatage Information Night (Thursday January 17th) providing the entertainment for our special evening recruitment program. They did a fantastic job as many students returned to school (on short notice) to help make the evening a huge and truly ‘more-than-I expected’ success.

Our next Student of the Month program will be Friday February 22nd. Rooms 121 (Connie Rubenstein’s class) and room 105 (Margo Hodapp’s class) will be singing “Love Grows”. Special Kudos goes out to Miss Connie’s class because they are the first pre-kindergarten class to sing for Student of the Month ever!!!!  Congratulations for being extra performance ready and wonderful!!! 

Grades Pre-K and K  Students are learning 2 new songs “Martin Luther King”, and “We Shall Overcome”. We are talking about caring for others, kindness, being inclusive, and treating people fairly and with respect. Classes have also been working on their Spring Music Program performance songs and are doing an excellent job.

One of our learning targets is: “I CAN sing with a good singing voice”. We are learning to find that proper balance between good supported (breathing and) singing, projection, and shouting! 

All of the classes have learned about the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of “Height Line Ups”, and are being assigned their new (individual) height line up placement within the class line. By the end of February, all classes will have learned how to enter, stand, and exit the risers (with and without musical accompaniment) on the stage in the Little Theater – upon availability.

Grades 1 and 2  Students are continuing to work on their music room jobs, and we have added the learning target: “I CAN get into height order to perform”. As class time becomes available, we will be getting into height order and begin preparing to perform on stage. We will be visiting the Little Theater and learning to get on and off the risers, and exhibit stage presence and voice projection.

Our other new learning target is: I CAN stay quiet (no talking) between songs” as we learn and practice performance etiquette.

Our newest song is “The Three Little Bears”, which is an a capella song telling the story (of the 3 Little Bears) by singing, chanting, and using hand motions.

Our new vocabulary word is a capella (singing without instrumental accompaniment).

Grade 3  Third graders are continuing to work on the music class expectations, routines, and jobs.  Two of our new learning targets are: I CAN define a round” and I CAN sing in a (2 and) 3 part round”. Our song “I Love The Mountains” provides the opportunity to learn about and practice singing in a round. Our goal is to get this song performance ready and present it in our Spring Music Program (May 9th).

Third graders are also learning the song “The Three Little Bears”, which is an a capella song telling the story (of the 3 Little Bears) by singing, chanting, and using hand motions.

Our vocabulary words are: round, a capella, verse, refrain.

Our upcoming March Student of the Month program will feature 3rd grade performers. We will be singing “My Favorite Things” from The Sound Of Music. Two classes will be chosen to sing and all 3rd grade classes will be eligible to be selected… good luck!

Grades 4 and 5   We are continuing to work on our performance songs. Because there is such amazing talent in the 4th and 5th grade level, we are working and focusing on songs that feature solos and speaking parts. One of our songs “Love In Any Language” is teaching us how to sing/say ‘I Love You’ in French, Spanish, Russian, and Hebrew. We are planning to add American Sign Language to this song as well.

Our music class periods are packed as we work to memorize the songs, memorize our height line ups, work on a special new entrance to the music program, and will begin our traditional (Spring Music Program) canon. We must get our performance ‘rough draft’ ready by mid March to allow us time for all of our solo auditions as well as signing up for specialty parts (information to follow).

In the music room, we continue to share materials and are running very low on hand sanitizer. Any donations would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

We are all quite settled-in to our new music room, and I’m thankful to say that I can hardly remember how far we’ve come since last August. I can truly say that we are finally home!