Purpose for Maude, Mingle, and Montessori (M3)

Proceeds From M3 Event Will Help Meet Critical Staffing Need

Each year, the Minneapolis Public School Board struggles to meet the needs of all the district schools. Armatage Montessori has come to rely upon money raised during the annual Maude, Music and Montessori fundraiser (M3) to offset budget cuts, unexpected funding reallocations and new criteria that exclude Armatage from the School Board’s Dzhigh prioritydz category. Where Armatage Principal Joan Franks sees a large gap is in funding for Associate Educators. Principal Franks says, DzWe are holding together a big ship with a skeleton staff.

"We are holding
together a big ship
with a skeleton staff."  

- Armatage Principal
Joan Franks

Associate Educators impact each student’s experience at Armatage. They work in the classrooms, enabling teachers to cover more material with students. Along with many parent volunteers, Associate Educators work in smaller groups with kids onmany topics, from reading to math to hand-writing to history. Associate Educators monitor the cross walks across Penn Avenue, to ensure walkers’ safety. Further, Associate Educators, again, with parent volunteers, monitor the lunchroom and hallways to keep students safe.

The disparity in allocation of funds to schools results in high priority schools having the ability to hire as many as 20 – 30 A.E.’s where Armatage has money for only 4. Our dedicated staff are stretched thinly. While Principal Joan Franks says, Dzwe couldn’t run the school without the Associate Educators,dz it is clear that Armatage could provide an even better school experience with a more robust Associate Educator staff.

Armatage families have always recognized the challenges our school faces, and pitch in wherever and whenever we can. The Maude, Music and Montessori fundraiser is an opportunity for us to open our pocket books along with our hearts.

In the past, proceeds from the Maude event completed funding for two Associate Educators, helped convert our science and art specialists to full-time positions and paid for the band instructor. This year, we hope to raise enough money to create another Associate Educator position; our goal is to raise $37,000.

Please continue to check the Kanga, the Armatage Facebook page and your child’s orange folder for more information on how you can help the Maude, Music and Montessori event meet its goal.