Testing Schedule:
ACCESS (ELL): March 1-24
MCA Reading (gr 3-5): April 12-20
MCA Math (gr 3-5): April 21-28
MCA Science (gr 5): May 1-5
MPG/MAP (gr 1-2): May 8-30

From the Desk of Principal Franks
Monday, April 17, 2017 7:00 AM





“Always end the day with a positive thought.  No matter how hard things were, tomorrow’s a fresh opportunity to make it better.” - Unknown


Dear Armatage Families,

Happy April!    I hope you had a spectacular spring break!  We began Quarter 4 last week which is an indication that summer is around the corner.  With only 41 school days remaining, there is still a lot to do!  

Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments

The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA) are the state tests that help districts measure student progress toward Minnesota’s academic standards and also meet federal and state legislative requirements. Students take one test in each subject. 

The list below shows tests by subject along with the grades they are given in parentheses behind each subject.

Reading: MCA (grades 3-8, 10)

Mathematics: MCA (grades 3-8, 11)

Science: MCA (grades 5, 8, and high school)

The classroom teachers made the decision to administer the Optional Local Purpose Assessment (OLPA) in reading and mathematics in January to familiarize students with the functionality of the items and online tools, as well as the device used for testing in order to prepare them for the MCA’s... The OLPA is an optional test that is not used for accountability purposes.

The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment testing is well under way.  Please make sure your child/ren eat a good breakfast and get plenty of sleep in preparation for these tests.  If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.


We are on schedule to begin the construction project in June.  The project has been awarded to a construction company and now the prep work begins.  Between now and the last day of school, we will begin boxing up materials to be moved to their temporary new location as well as though materials that will be stored for the duration of the construction project.  As a reminder, the construction project will include the following:

  • The current areas of the building housing art, music, the staff work room, the main office, speech & language and the assistant principal’s office will be demolished in preparation for the rebuild.
  • ESCE will be moved to the little gymnasium to accommodate art going into room 203 and room 126 going into 207 so that 124 can be used as the main office, health office and assistant principal’s office during the rebuild.
  • The engineers will be housed in the boiler room and I will use their space during the rebuild.
  • Music will be in the current staff lounge off of the lunch room. 

Upon completion of the project, the following changes will be in place:

  • The main office, staff workroom & lounge, and health office will be located close to the existing sidewalk in the front of the building.  
  • The lunchroom will face the courtyard.
  • Art & Music will share the existing lunchroom space that will be expanded during the construction phase.
  • The little gym will become viable again for community ed., Mpls. Kids and building activities.
  • The engineer’s office & 124 will go back to their original functions.

Tornado Awareness Drill

Next Monday, April 24th we will participate in the annual tornado awareness drill.  This is an opportunity for us to practice what to do during possible inclement weather conditions.  The drill typically takes about 5 minutes. The classroom teachers will talk with the kids in advance of the drill to ensure they understand this is practice.  However, you may want to talk with your child/ren as well to ensure they understand what and why we are doing this annual drill.



Report Cards

Third quarter report cards will be coming home in backpacks this Wednesday.    The purpose is to communicate information to parents about the progress and achievements your child has accomplished during this quarter.  The marks are a reflection of performance and continuous improvement over time.

If you have any questions about the report card, please feel comfortable contacting your child’s teacher and they will be more than happy to discuss it with you.  

Kindergarten Registration

On Friday, April 28th at 9:00 a.m. we will be celebrating the arrival of 96 kindergartners placed at Armatage for the 2017 – 2018 school year.  This is an opportunity for our new little friends to come to “their” school and get a first-hand look at the building, ride a bus and ask any questions they may have as they prepare for their first school experience ☺.  If you have any friends, relatives or acquaintances that you know have been accepted into our program, please remind them to attend this important registration event.

 Welcome to some new Armatage babies 

Congratulations to our Health Assistant Dominique White of the birth of her son Ayden James born January 31st.  Dominique said he “Was born healthy and happy at 9lbs.  due in part to his full head of hair.”   

Congratulations to art teacher Elizabeth Koch on the birth of her daughter Zadie Elinor born March 27th.  Elizabeth shared, “She has huge cheeks, tons of black hair and is so sweet.”  How exciting to have another budding artist in the wings.  



Joan Franks, Principal