Testing Schedule:
ACCESS (ELL): March 1-24
MCA Reading (gr 3-5): April 12-20
MCA Math (gr 3-5): April 21-28
MCA Science (gr 5): May 1-5
MPG/MAP (gr 1-2): May 8-30

All the volunteers who signed up to help at Maude, Music and Montessori.


Thank you to all the volunteers who came and helped the night of Maude, Music and Montessori! The following people deserve a BIG THANK YOU! Brenna Campbell, Jill DeSanto, Laurie Davis, Michelle Corbin, Amy Gudmestad, Sonia Krinke, Holly Kragthorpe-Shirley, Jen Noice, Susie Orr, Holly Hermansen, Dave Augdahl, Jamie Kell, Mary McKinley, Rachel Bond, Kim Boesen, Ella Carlsson, Mary Hanson, Brendon Dennewill, Lisa Houdek, Douglas Stauffer, Julie Scherber, Kristin Milner, Christine Loth and Ian Corbin. (submitted by Kari Augdhal).